The Birmingham Hernia Clinic was opened in 2018 by Mr Simon Radley, a senior consultant General and Gastro-intestinal surgeon.

We worked with Mr Radley to firstly establish a brand, purchase an appropriate domain and build a comprehensive web-site. 

Upon Launch we developed an SEO strategy as well as a Google Adwords campaign to promote the clinic and its services. 

We did very limited social media work, really as a means to drive some initial traffic and help the site rank in organic search.

In addition to Online marketing, we have produced three versions of a leaflet that is distributed to GP's surgeries around The Birmingham area. We have subsequently produced patient information leaflets, Practise Stationary and presentation folders.

In 2020 we produced a Radio Advertising campaign that was streamed to over 130,000 listeners.


Mrr Simon Radley

Consultant Surgeon


Logo Design

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Stationery Design

Leaflet Design


Radio Campaign



The brief was to create a website that not only drove new patients to the practise but also acted as an information portal for anyone who wished to know more about their condition.

With that in mind, it was important to structure an easily navigable site alongside information that was not just accurate but also understandable for a wide range of potential users.

In designing the site we were mindful of the following requirements:

  • Create a familiar and recognisable aesthetic and user experience for patients and those seeking information
  • Creating a site architecture that promotes easy navigation and a more frictionless experience
  • Drive patient recruitment with high quality information and a strong call to action
  • Implementation of a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS

Prior to launch we undertook an SEO Audit of the site including keyword research, competitor keyword research, content recommendations and Googe analytics management.

We also instigated a Google adwords strategy following launch.

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Iphone Mockup HERNIA

Content marketing can have an important place in in any long-term marketing strategy.

However, in medical practise not all conditions are equal. Our experience tells us that some conditions are much more successful candidates for social media content marketing than others. Our advise in the case of the Birmingham Hernia Clinic was to have some social media presence, primarily to boost rankings for Google search, but not to invest heavily in these channels as we were doubtful that patients would be too willing to share their experiences with the condition.

Having said that,reviews and personal stories are particularly useful and welcome and social media is a great way to elicit genuine patient testimonials. In cases like this, we would encourage practises to elicit (annoymous) testimonials from patients which can then be used freely on social media and elsewhere.


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