Birmingham Thyroid Clinic

The Birmingham Thyroid Clinic offers surgical expertise that is second to none.

The Clinic has a particular focus on thyroid and Parathyroid disorders and is led by Mr John Watkinson, one of the UK's most experienced ENT Surgeons with considerable experience in treating a wide range of Ear, Nose & Throat conditions. He has a special interest in Head & Neck and Thyroid and Parathyroid surgery (including minimally invasive techniques).


Mr John Watkinson



Website Design



The brief was to create a website that profiled the work of Mr Watkinson and his colleagues 

At only twelve pages, this is one of our smaller sites and a good example of the work we do for smaller, less established practices.

In designing the site we were mindful of the following requirements:

  • Creating a fresh and clean aesthetic and straightfoward user experience for patients, potential patients and those seeking information
  • Creating a site architecture that promotes easy navigation 
  • Drive patient recruitment with high quality information and a strong call to action
  • Implementation of a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS


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What our Customers Say

Marketing professionals may try and tell you that the same principles can be applied to any product whether it is fashion or healthcare.

We don't believe that. We work exclusively with practitioners at the top of their field and, because our business also manages practices as well as marketing them, we have a unique insight into what questions patients need answering, as well as what they are looking for when choosing their healthcare provider.

We don't just build websites we work with medical professionals to develop their brand and their business. We therefore understand your needs as you seek to develop a thriving practice.

We really appreciated all the help and advice the Medmin team gave us setting up this clinic, it was fantastic knowing that they understood the sector so well and could integrate marketing and admin leaving us to just see patients.


Mr John Watkinson

Consultant Surgeon