We are building a group of healthcare businesses that will transform private medical treatment for both the uninsured and the clinicians that treat them. 


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Starting in the West Midlands, we are developing 40 clinics across the UK over the next three years.

While Get Well Soon is targeting a limited range of common procedures for self-pay patients, our clinics are providing a broader range of surgical and diagnostic services to both self-pay and PMI patients. 

Each clinic we partner with will have a distinct, unique brand while also identifying as being part of the Medmin Group. 

Medmin provides all the necessary administrative and marketing support required to build a successful practice.

Medmin have been successfully marketing clinics for the last four years, using a range of strategies, determined by the clinician’s specialisms and the conditions the clinic treats. Every clinic has a bespoke website, content rich and search engine optimised for keywords relating to conditions and treatments. 



Get Well Soon is our consumer facing brand that we will use to acquire self-pay patients. A strong, immediately understandable, relatable brand, Get Well Soon represents the service we provide to our patients and the care we take with their health. 

We own 

Get Well Soon uses a mix of technology, digital marketing and human interaction to connect uninsured private patients with surgeons and physicians. Patients can be seen within days and operated on within a fortnight ensuring they are able to regain their quality of life without delay. 

Get Well Soon will focus on a specific range of common conditions, selected for their inconvenience to patients, waiting list times, low risk and relative affordability. We have chosen a list of 35 conditions and procedures that are among the most common in the private sector, covering Urology, Colorectal, Upper GI, Breast, Hernia, Orthopaedics, ENT, Gynaecology and Endoscopy. 

Some of the diagnostics and surgery can be provided on an outpatient basis, In facilities other than hospitals – some procedures will require an overnight stay. 

Delivery of these services will, for the most part, be undertaken by surgeons in our managed network of specialist clinics.

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The Medmin technology platform will manage every aspect of the patient and clinician experience. It provides the management tools for our clinics and the communication and payment tools for our patients.

We are a technology enabled service business which uses a multi-faceted platform model. The platform connects clinicians with patients, patients with patient care operators and patient care operators with clinicians. It provides the management tools for our clinics and the communication and payment tools for our patients. Our technology platform provides the patient management and record system that will be used in both our clinics and in our Get Well Soon product. 


That healthcare in the UK is going through a fundamental transition is a certainty. Post-Covid, we will see a waiting list of 10m patients (4.6m now and up to 6m as yet unreferred) and a strong demand for private healthcare will be inevitable.If clinicians are going to address this new demand, a new approach to indemnity insurance will need to be found.

At present around 20% of clinicians in private practice are insured while 80% remain with the MDOs. In a world of big data we feel this is archaic and needs to change.

We are working with leaders in the insurance market with the aim of introducing a new model of insurance that leverages new technology and ways of working to provide better value for consultants and greater certainty for patients. We expect to be able to deliver significant savings to our enrolled clinicians, making their private practice more viable and ensuring that Medmin becomes the clinicians’ partner of choice. 

In addition, we are working with a leading underwriter to explore innovative, new insurance models with the potential to revolutionise the medical indemnity market and drive further value to Medmin and its clinicians. 

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The Team Behind The Medmin Group

Our team come from the fields of Medicine, Finance, Law, Marketing and Administration.

From our beginnings as an administration service, Medmin has grown to become a new kind of medical management business, providing both administrative and marketing support to clinicians and clinical groups.


Medmin are rapidly expanding and we are always interested in hearing from people that share our vision for reimagined healthcare.

If you have experience in either the public or private healthcare sector, digital marketing, content creation or share our passion for customer service, we would be interested in learning more about you.

Send your CV with a covering letter to:


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